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If you haven't already, check out the App. Click Here to learn about LIFE Leadership's App.

You can get the App wtih a 30 day money-back guarantee through your smart phone by using the QR Code below or going to

This will bring you onto the LIFE Leadership website already associated with us.
  • Click on "CREATE ACCOUNT"
  • Choose your country from the drop-down box and hit "Continue"
  • Click on "Add To Cart" to get the Super App

  • At this point you have a choice, you can either 1) "Procede To Checkout" or 2) "Continue Shopping" so that you can consider a special offer that is only available to you at this time. So,
  • Click on "Contiue Shopping" to see you options, without obligation

  • You can go directly to "Checkout" from the next page.

    The one-time offer that you need to know about is the "Life Accelerator", your Digital Guide to the 3 keys to wealth.

    It is a huge library of financial talks and articles that you pay for once and then get all future updates at no additional cost. Click Here to learn more about the accelerator and then look below to see the offer.

    What's special about buying the Accelerator with your application is that the full price of the Life Accelerator is returned to you as Trip Credits that you can immediately use for hotels and resorts essentially making it free. This is a one-time offer.

    Once you've decided on the the Life Accelerator, proceed to check-out and complete the required steps. Upon completion of signing up for the App, wait for an email to come to you from LIFE Leadership with more instructions. Contact us if you need more help.


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