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The Steps to being in business.


If you are here then you should have successfully navigated the process of becoming a member of LIFE Leadership and we do welcome you to our team. Remember:


You will remain a member of our team as long as you continue to pay the annual renewal fee and conduct yourself well. However, if you are serious about about working this as a business, there are things that you can do to enhance your ability to make money through LIFE Leadership!!!

The purpose of this section of the website is to walk you through these steps. However, before doing that we want to reassure you of a few things:
  • We believe in this company and the products that they provide.
  • We use the products
  • We found and chose this business because of what it offered us in our mission to help people defeat Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement
  • We believe enough in this opportunity and the LIFE community that we'll refund your sign-up fee if you decide that it isn't for you after 3 months of actually working the business (e.g., attend opens and seminars, etc.)

The following are tried and true ways to advance your business:

The LIFE Leadership Business Step 1

There are 3 things that will be immediately important to your future success. You need to: 1) Get a testimony of the FFP (Financial Fitness Plan) aka the Green box, 2) associate with the community, and 3) sharing.
  1. The FFP (Green Box): The Green Box is the flagship product of the company and the basis of our marketing campaigns so it makes perfect sense for you to know it well enough to tell people how good it is. The best way to do this is to actually work the system and see what it can do for you and since it's part of your enrollment cost you will already have you own copy to work with.

    I personally believe it will help just about everyone, even those that have figured out how to take care of their money. I've yet to meet someone that already has it 100% right.

  2. Community: So much of what you will need to do to be successful will depend upon your belief in not only the products, but in the people, too. LIFE Leadership is a community of like minded people using and sharing the products that have been developed to help people defeat three of the most debilitating problems facing society, self-Doubt, excessive-Debt, and the ensuing-Discouragement.

    In order for you to actually believe in the products and the people it is necessary for you to get around them. Therefore it is strongly suggested that you faithfully attend the following sixteen meetings over the course of a 3 month period:
    1. Weekly Tuesday night "Open" Meeting for training and association with team members (the community)
    2. Monthly Seminar meeting for advanced training and association with team members
    3. Quarterly "major" conventions for even more advanced training and association with team members

  3. Sharing: Once you feel comfortable enough with LIFE Leadership, you need to start sharing what you've found with others. It's interesting in real-life how natural this is concerning movies, tv shows, music, good buys, etc., but how hard it becomes when it's a business, which is why the previous step is so important. The idea is that in your mind you aren't selling them something, but sharing something valuable with them.

    There is a simple 3 step process for doing this, which we will help you with:
    1. Identify (make a list) of some friends and family that you'd like to share your opinion of LIFE products with.
    2. Share the short 7-minute video that LIFE Leadership has developed with them via text, email, or even messaging. You can access and send it through the Marketing System that you've been given free for your first month. ( Click here to see the video).
    3. If the person shows an interest in joining, we take care of the rest, thus making the whole process so easy that it's something that even the busiest of people can find time to do.

    We will help you, as needed, with this step.
More to come!!!

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