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"Houston, we have a problem!!!"

The SoSS (Science of Success Schools) team has lived long enough to have watched our country, and indeed the world, go through a fundamental change for the worse. We have watched the purveyors of filth gain control of the entertainment industry and our country become a people of ravenous consumers, trading their freedom for debt.
  • US Credit Card Debt recently surpassed a trillion dollars.
  • Many people believe that if one can afford the payment then that means that they can "afford" the car, home, TV, refrigerator, etc.
  • The majority of failed marriages are because of arguments over money.
  • Only about half of the US households have more than $500 in savings.
  • 78% of the US households live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Only 4% of today's households will retire totally independent of government programs.
  • 73% of people die with debt, which becomes their children's inheritance.
  • The US consumer debt is currently $71 Trillion* and global consumer debt is $217 Trillion.
  • *If you spent $1,000 per day it would take you about 3 years to spend a million dollars, 3,000 years to spend a billion dollars, and 3,000,000 years to spend a trillion.
Were you aware that despite all of this, our Federal, State, and Local governments have increased our overall taxes 41% since 2013?

Is this part of the problem?

One CEO of a major company claimed that if consumers were allowed to abandon the credit system, it would be devastating to the economy. Whose economy is he referring to? Is he talking about the economy of the consumer, who is paying the interest and fees, or the economy of the banks and companies that collect those payments?

To put it into perspective, that Trillion Dollars of credit card debt at just 1% will generate $10 Billion of interest each and every year. At 18% annual interest, that would be $180 Billion being paid by consumers every year to the banks. Thus, we can see how teaching people to be fiscally responsible would seriously, but slowly, impact the banks' economy.

We are looking for those people who want to make a difference!

If you like the idea of helping people to change their lives, as well as discovering and fulfilling your own dreams, then you're at the right place. The Science of Success School’s team is committed to making a difference, ONE FAMILY AT A TIME, and there are only a few simple requirements to qualify you to become a member of our team.
  1. Be ethical and honest
  2. Be passionate about helping people
  3. Be willing to invest in yourself
  4. Be willing to become good at what you do
  5. Be willing to become Financially Secure
If you meet these qualifications and have an interest, then continue reading and click on the link at the bottom for more information.

How the LIFE Leadership's Team-Approach Concept works

The Science of Success Schools' team members make their money by introducing LIFE Leadership's proven products to people who are struggling with Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement.
(Click here for featured products).

While LIFE Leadership can technically be classed as a Direct Marketing business, it has fixed those problems that have given Direct Marketing such a bad reputation. (Click Here for an explanation of Direct Marketing). LIFE Leadership is actually an Education Based Marketing system, meaning that we educate our clients rather than market to them.

Innovation 1:
LIFE Leadership uses a unique approach that solves the biggest problem with Direct Marketing businesses by using one set of rules for how everyone makes money. Other than the salaried staff in the home-office, everyone, including the biggest bosses, make their money the same way. Therefore, what benefits those at the top will benefit everyone equally.

Innovation 2:
The next big improvement is the use of the "Team-Approach" concept. LIFE Leadership uses a tap-root like team structure where each new team-member is added to the end of the team regardless of who recruited him or her.

For example, suppose you were the first recruit to join our team. You would be placed right below us. Now suppose that we both know John and want to share this opportunity with him. In other Direct Marketing businesses, we would be competing with you to see who gets to place him on their team. We would prefer to have him directly under us, rather than on your team, because he would make us more money that way, but you would get nothing.

However, as will be further explained in Innovation 3, under LIFE Leadership's system, we will be equally benefited when we place John under you.

Now, suppose we're able to interest someone you don't know, Susie, in the business. In other Direct Marketing businesses, she would be placed under us, but because of the "Team Approach", she will be placed under John and all three of us will benefit equally.

Innovation 3:
The third innovation, as alluded to above, is that the company uses a point system that fully credits you for the production of your team. Using the example from above, John sees all of the points that Susie has personally produced and you see all of John and Susie's points plus what you've personally produced. For example, if your team consists of only John and Susie and she produced 100 points, John 75, and you 200, then this is what the point totals would look like for each member of your team:
  • Susie sees her points -> 100 points
  • John sees his and Susie's points -> 100 + 75 = 175 points
  • You see yours plus John's points -> 175 + 200 = 375 points
The genius of this system is that your income is determined by a formula that is based on how well you help your team members and clients. There are more than 16 ways to monetize your points so that the more you do for others, the more points will be converted into income. The "Member Compensation Plan/Income Disclosure Statement" below describes all of the monetization opportunities.

In our opinion, LIFE Leadership's "team approach" concept is a brilliant way of converting the Direct Marketing business concept from a "scam" to a viable low-risk home based business.

The Member Compensation Plan/Income Disclosure Statement.
(Click here to view the document)

The first portion of the Member Compensation Plan/Income Disclosure Statement (Pages 4 through 17) explains how productivity-points become money. It shows you that there are multiple ways to produce income, several of which can be combined together.

Pages 18 through 20 are LIFE Leadership's "official" Income Disclosure Statement which shows the highs, lows, and average amounts that team members are actually being paid. The $0 lows represent those individuals who are slow starters, never really started, or quit along the way, but who are still technically in the business and are therefore being averaged into the totals and subsequently lowering the amounts being made by active team members (see the average and median columns). The "high" amounts are real and achievable and we can introduce you to some of the people making them.

It can be noted here that the first 3 methods described in the plan show that there is no requirement other than maintaining membership in LIFE Leadership in order to make money. No minimum monthly purchases, no minimum inventory, nothing more than the $19.95 annual renewal fee.

What is initially expected of a new team member.

The process for joining LIFE Leadership involves filling out a 1 page application and paying approximately $160, which includes both the $20.95 signup fee and your own copy of the "Green Box" (Click here and scroll down to the "Financial Fitness" section for more about the Green Box).

Once you have been accepted into LIFE Leadership, you'll remain associated with us as long as you continue to pay the $19.95 annual renewal fee, regardless of your activity within the company.

The following are tried and true ways to advance your business:
  • It will be beneficial to both you and your business to subscribe to the "Total Personal Development" and the "Financial Fitness Services" programs. (Click here and scroll down to the "Total Personal Development" and "Financial Fitness Services" sections for more information).

  • It is also strongly suggested that you attend the following meetings:
    1. Weekly Tuesday night "Open" Meeting for training and association with team members (the community)
    2. Monthly Seminar meeting for advanced training and association with team members
    3. Quarterly "major" conventions for even more advanced training and association with team members

  • All that is really required of you in the early stages of your business is to identify people to help and then share what you think of LIFE products with them. This is easy to do via a short 7-minute video that LIFE Leadership has developed and is easily shared via text or email.
    (Click here to see the video). If the person shows an interest in joining, we take care of the rest, thus making the whole process so easy that it's something that even the busiest of people can find time to do.
Still not sure about talking to us?

The bottom line is that LIFE Leadership is easy to get started in and is only a $20 risk since we'll buy the "Green Box" back from you if it doesn't pay for itself within 3 months. We can connect you with people who have succeeded in the business, starting with nothing more than a willingness to work. You're also welcome to an Open Meeting or Seminar. Please contact us to learn more.

If after reading the above, you're still wrestling with the idea of talking to us about joining our team, please ask yourself the following questions:

How are things working out for you now?

What will your life look like in 5 years if you do nothing to change your current situation?

Click Here to set up a meeting with us.

Your Assurance Team/Science of Success: Where real Success is the only measure of Success!
Better Information -> Better Thinking -> Better Results!!!
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