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The Science of Success Schools, where Success is the only Measure of Success!!!

The Science of Success Schools is the core of this business and has developed several workshop style programs designed to help individuals and small business to succeed. We have programs to help the individual to defeat Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement and finding the self-control, self-esteem, and self-confidence needed to become truly successful. We exist to help individuals as well as small businesses.

We have developed a series of workshops for this purpose, along with aligning ourselves with LIFE Leadership in order to achieve this goal.

NEW!!! We are in the process of moving our workshops to our "Science of Success" YouTube Channel, starting with "How Money Works":

What you don't know can hurt you

Do you really know everything that there is to know about money and finances?

Safely find out what you might not know that could be hurting you.

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Science of Success Schools Workshops
  1. Orientating to Success - How to lose the thoughts of a loser
  2. Orientating to Success - Taking on the thoughts and habits of a winner
  3. Eliminating Debt
  4. How Money Works (or, what I wish I'd understood about money when I was 20)
  5. How to be a Leader even if you're not confrontational
  6. Getting Employee Buy-in through Quality Managing
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LIFE Leadership: Personal, Professional, and Financial Education!!!

Warren Buffet tells us that one of the biggest mistake that people make is to spend their money when they should be saving it and to save their money when they should be investing it in themselves. We chose to team with LIFE Leadership because of their reputation for providing proven self-investment products to help the individual Defeat the 3-D's. In fact, LIFE stands for Living Intentionally For Excellence and they are deeply dedicated to helping people do just that.

Note: All LIFE products come with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Scroll down for detailed information on the key products that they offer.

Click here to learn more about LIFE Leadership.

Key LIFE Leadership Products

Rascal Radio: The Problem is that many people are very negative and don't believe in themselves and that they can win in today's world. This tool is an attitude-changer on steroids!!! It's the Pandora of personal development systems!!!


Total Personal Development: The Problem is that many people have poor self esteem, see themselves as losers, and don't believe that they can succeed. This simply isn't true. One important thing to know is that training is Temporary, but Personal Development is Permanent!!!


The complete Financial Literacy Program

Financial Fitness the "Green Box": Financail Literacy is not taught in our school system so you have to go looking for it. The first lesson is how to control and eventually eliminate debt, which is also the first step to becoming Financially Secure!!!

Financial Fitness Services: Even having an understanding of Financial Literacy doesn't guarantee success in our complex world, but fortunately there are financial tools that can help you complete your journey to complete Financial Security


Launching a Leadership Revolution:, Many people feel unprepared to be in the workforce competing for raises and promotions. They don't feel like they have the soft skills, like Leadership, that are sought after by businesses. This is your Professional Education, in a box!!!


Note: All LIFE products come with a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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Your Assurance Team/Science of Success: Where real Success is the only measure of Success!
Better Information -> Better Thinking -> Better Results!!!
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