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Brent Kempton - Teacher, Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator
Who I am
Brent has a degree in Secondary Education, over 5 years experience in the public classroom, plus a degree in Computer Science, which means that he gets to be responsible for the technical and educational stuff at Your Assurance Team. (Guess who gets to take care of this website?)

He taught General Math, Algebra, and Physics to 9th graders prior to working as a Scientific Programmer for over 2 decades. He claims to have a split personality where he is, by nature, an engineer, but loves to teach, which gives him the ability to relate to a lot of different people.

After his stint as a Software Engineer, Brent decided to try his hand at teaching people about money and finances for over a decade as an licensed Investment Adviser Representative. This is where he got a much better understanding of how money works.

Brent is also a family man as demonstrated by the outdated picture below, taken sometime in 2010. The number of grand children has grown to 21 and not all of his 9 children are married, yet.

Who I am

Other than his family, there are two things that he loves to do in life: Teach and to Help. He was able to indulge himself in helping while living in a small town in southern Arizona.

Who I am Who I am Who I am

During this time, he and his wife, Jolene, were asked by their Church to work in their Addiction Recovery Program, which gave them the opportunity to gain a much better understanding of addictions and the addicted person. This is valuable knowledge in the fight to save families.
He and his wife are now teaching Self-Reliance classes for his Church, which helps, a little, to fulfill his need to teach.

Jolene Kempton
Jolene Kempton

Jolene Kempton is the artistic talent of the group, which blends well with her husband's engineering personality. She has developed her talents over a lifetime of managing a home-based business of working on science and art projects while raising a large family.

She also has a talent for caring about people and is able to meet and putting people at ease. So much so that even his own parents liked her better than they did him - they did like him, just not as much as her.

They have moved around the country during their nearly 5 decades of marriage. They started in Las Cruces NM, then went to Sierra Vista AZ, followed by St. David AZ, Castle Rock CO, La Jara CO, Rio Ranco NM, back to St. David, then Tucson AZ, back to St. David, Tucson again, and then to Colorado Springs CO, where they managed to stay for over year.

This was followed by an even bigger move to Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, for several months. Now they are in Calhan Colorado, on the high plains just east of Colorado Springs, with the expectation (hope?) that this is it for a while.

At first, all of this moving was career oriented, but turned into moving around to be closer to married children and grandchildren.