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Getting to Know Us

Get to know the people running the School

Brent Kempton -Consultant, Trainer, and Facilitator
Who I am

Brent is the "technical" head of the "Science of Success Schools" because he has a degree in Secondary Education, over 5 years experience in the public classroom, and a degree in Computer Science. (Guess who gets to take care of this website?)

He taught General Math, Algebra, and Physics to 9th graders prior to working as a Scientific Programmer for over 2 decades. He claims to have a split personality where he is, by nature, and engineer, but loves to teach, which gives him the ability to relate to a lot of different people.

Brent is also a family man as demonstrated by the outdated picture below, taken sometime in 2010. The family and the grand kids have grown since then.

Who I am

Other than his family, there are two things that he loves to do in life: Teach and to Help. He was able to indulge himself in helping while living in a small town in southern Arizona.

Who I am Who I am Who I am

Jolene Kempton
Jolene Kempton

Jolene Kempton is the artistic talent of the group, which blends well with her husband's engineering personality. She has developed her talents over a lifetime of managing a home based business, working on science and art projects, and raising a large family.

She also has a talent for caring about people and is able to meet and put people at ease with her.

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