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Risk-Free, Cost-Controlled Advertising
1. Are you tired of losing money on Speculative Advertising?
2. Little or no advertising budget?
3. Want more effective advertising with a greater reach?

How would like to only pay for advertising when it actually works?
How would you like to set the cost?

Several years ago we contracted with a company to strategically place an ad for us on a bench on the first hole of the local golf course. The ad cost us hours of our time and hundreds of dollars to create. However, we had high hopes, but in the end our Return on Investment was exactly $0.00.

I would have "loved" to have had a deal where I only paid for each paying customer that this ad actually brought me.

Some form of advertising is a necessity for most businesses. However, as was our experience then and later, when you are a small business, advertising is speculative, typically expensive, and seldom pays for itself.

This NO LONGER need be the case!!!

We're helping launch a new App called the LIFE App. It's a mobile shopping platform that gives customers cash-back and discounts on their purchases through hundreds of national major chain stores like: Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Auto-Zone, Dominos, CVS, and Groupon.

Click Here to learn about the App

One of our merchant partners provides coupon deals to the largest private network of consumers in the US. For over 35 years, they have connected members to places where they can eat, shop, play, sleep, visit, etc. throughout North America. We personally use them to get great hotel deals whenever we travel.

No Cost. No Risk. No Brainer.

They believe that local merchants shouldn’t have to pay to connect with customers in their own backyard so they have made their private network available, for FREE, to any business whose products/services fit the consumer preferences of their membership base.

Click Here to see the Merchant Qualifications list

Just to be clear:

1. We built our own coupon deal with them in order to verify that this deal is completely free.
2. We already have thousands of customers that use our App to search for deals.
3. We do suggest that you sign-up for the App ($30/mo) so you can see how it works, what your potential clients see, what your competition is up to, and save money on deals.

We were curious about where they are making their money so we dug a little further.

Click Here to see why this offer is free.


For the true Entrepreneur:

Of course there is an Entrepreneurial opportunity here. Rob Robson, a self-made millionaire through LIFE Leadership and now one of the owners, recorded a detailed message about this opportunity back in March of 2020. It's 35 minutes long because of all the information it contains.

Click Here to see the video.


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