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Risk-Free, Controlled-Cost Advertising
1. Are you tired of losing money on Speculative Advertising?
2. Do you have little or no budget for advertising?
3. Do you need more effective advertising with a greater reach?
4. Would you like to only pay for advertising when it actually works, and at your price?

Quick Overview - Risk Free, Controlled-Cost Advertising in a nutshell:
If a business chooses to build and place a coupon/ad with our affiliate, but then nobody ever redeems the coupon, the total cost to the business for the advertising campaign will be $0.00.

How it works:
We are affiliated with an organization that does risk-free, controlled-cost advertising at the local, regional, and national level. To the consumer, this advertising looks just like Groupon ads, but unlike Groupon, this organization doesn’t take a cut of the transaction.

Instead, they derive their income from their growing private network of more than 320,000 consumers and they will continue to make money from them as long as they can keep them satisfied. One way they do this is by attracting quality businesses to also sell to their network.

Their business model is to attract vendors through a free advertising program.

Click Here if you don’t know what Groupon advertising looks like.

In other words, this organization needs a variety of quality businesses to attract and keep people in their network so they make it both affordable and easy for qualifying businesses to sell to their network.

Click Here to see what businesses qualify to sell to their private network.

Joining this program takes the speculation out of advertising because you only pay when that advertising brings you paying customers. What makes this even better is that you determine what your cost for that customer will be when you determine what “discount” you’re willing to absorb to entice him or her to come in.

The business' total cost for providing a 10% discount on a $100 item is:

Offered Discount Ad Company Charges Business Gets
10% off - $10 nothing - $0.00 all that remains - $90

In other words, the business' only cost to sell this item was $10 discount it offered, which was totally under the control of the business - truly Risk Free, Controlled Cost Advertising.

Joining the Private Network:
Because this is a private consumer-network, individuals need a membership in order to take advantage of all of the deals, so the next question is: "How do people join?"

There are NO public ways for someone to get a membership. One has to belong to an organization that offers membership to the Private-Network and most of these organizations are also exclusive such as one's employment.

We know of only one qualifying "organization" accessible to anyone. It is an App, which we have the good fortune to represent.

Click Here to learn about the App.
(Note: The videos on the page are the quickest way to get familiar with the App.

In Conclusion:
We were quite suspicious when we first came across this free advertising opportunity, so we set-up our own deal with them to see how it really works:

Our experience, after advertising on their site for a year, has been as described here.

Please email any remaining questions to

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