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An Entrepreneurial Opportunity
How you to can create a personal residual income stream

Solving the Age-Old Money Problem:

Nobody seems to ever have enough! We propose to show you a safe and relatively risk free to change that.

To start with, there are four effective buisness trends, today:
  • The Subscription Economy like Amazon Prime,
  • Amazon has a free version available to everyone, but then offers "Prime" with free shipping and other features worth more than the cost of the subscription.
  • Matchmakers like Uber and Airbnb,
  • Uber connects people needing a ride with people who have cars and want to make a little money on the side. Airbnb does the same with places to stay.
  • Platforms like Amazon as opposed to a single product opportunities like a wonder-juice,
  • Amazon spreads its exposure and risk over thousands of different products from different vendors while the single product business does well until they fall out of favor or someone duplicates what they have and sells it cheaper.
  • Compensated Communities like LIFE Leadership's versus Facebook's uncompensated one.
  • Facebook has a huge community which they sell advertisers access to. Facebook users don't make a dime off of that advertising. LIFE Leadership shares the bulk of its profits with it's community.

    A ground-breaking App with all four of these business trends went live on Jan 18th of 2019. We purpose to show you how you can leverage this Super App to create a powerful personal residual income stream.

    However, in order to understand what this opportunity one must first understand the App.
    Click Here to learn about LIFE Leadership's App

    Now look at an independent assessment of the viability of the Super App:
    Click Here to learn about the Super App-Opportunity ("App-Ortunity")

    You are in the right place at the right time to become an early adopter of an "AppOrtunity" that has the potential to solve as much of your money problems as you choose.

    First of all, you earn 10 Trip Credits every time you share the App. These credits will spend like $10 for hotels and resorts and you do not have to join LIFE Leadership in order to earn or use them.

    However, as you saw in the App video, it is possible to earn a commission on everything that the people you shared the App with buy through it. That holds true for everything that anybody buys with a shared App that originated from your App.

    Because of this, you're worth more to us as an App customer than as a business partner so please don't feel obligated to get into the business unless you really want to. However, if you're interested in getting into a low risk, high potential opportunity, you're in the right place. Read on:

    Rob Robson, a self-made millionaire through through this opportunity, recorded a detailed message for you back before COVID-19 hit. It's 35 minutes long because of all the detail it contains, but if you're in a hurry, you can skip ahead to "26:20" to get to the entrepreneural part:

    Click Here to watch this very informative video.

    The way to take through this App is by becoming a compensated member of the LIFE Leadership community, however at this point, you're probably wondering:

    Does this business work?

    Our response is:

    Compared to what?

    85% of regular businesses fail within the first 5 years while 75% of franchise-format type businesses don't. This is a franchise-format business with a risk factor of less that $200 to start and about $25 a year to continue.

    There are literally 10 different ways in which to make money off of this App as a member of the LIFE Leadership community. (See the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS) below for full the cost, risk, and opportunity)

    - Click here to see the income disclosure statement.

    Just to be clear, that $200 investment and $25 annual fee will put you in a place that you definitely can make money, but with difficulty. Continuing to subscribe to the Super App the months following for $30 each month will put you in a much better place to succeed as explained below:
  • Monthly Subscription-Commission from each active customer App
  • You will receive a commission of at least $3 every time your customer makes a monthly subscription payment*.
  • This amount increases with volume, for example:
  • 1 customer - $3.00 for each customer per month ($36 per year)
  • 10 customers - $3.60 for each customer per month ($432 per year)
  • 20 customers - $4.20 for each customer per month ($1,008 per year)
  • 50 customers - $5.40 for each customer per month ($3,240 per year)
  • 100 customers - $6.00 for each customer per month ($7,200 per year)
  • 200 customers - $7.40 for each customer per month ($17,760 per year)
  • 500 customers - $9.17 for each customer per month ($55,000 per year)
  • NOTE: It will be easier to get people to sign up for the App if you have the App to show them, hence while not required, investing $30 more each month gives you a much better chance of making money.
  • Commission on all money saved through App purchases
  • You will receive a percentage of all commissionable-dollars generated by any purchase made through a shared App that originated from your App as long as you stay active in LIFE Leadership*.
  • Share in commissions generated from your sales teams
  • It is invevitable that some of your App customers are going to choose to become your business partners.
  • You will then generate income from all their purchases and the purchases of their customers as explained in LIFE Leadership's Income Disclosure Statement (see the link above).
  • In the spirit of full disclosure, when a customer chooses to join LIFE Leadership, you'll lose the 15% customer override from them and all of their App customers.

    Your maximum required risk comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and is at or below $200. Other than the annual renewal fees of around $24.95 you never have to put any more money into your business in order to be able to make money. You literally could spend nothing more on the business while you simply sign people up on the app and create a residual income.
    The $184.95 risk includes your application fee ($24.95), a month of the Super App ($30) so you can try it out, the LIFE Accelerator special offer ($90, 90-Trip Credits back), and a 1 month product subscription ($29 or $39) -

    Your risk can be further mitigated by the fact that you can try before you buy!!! Become our customer, use the App so that you both understand it and feel comfortable sharing it, and then see if you can share it.
  • If the business works then all of the commission being generated by you and your App Customers will become yours
  • If it doesn't work out you can continue on as our customer or use the money-back guarantee to opt-out.

  • If you're ready, download the App with a 30 day money-back guarantee through the following link:
    Click Here to sign-up for the App.


    Click below to let us know that you want to talk with us to learn even more about the entrepreneurial opportunity associated with this App.
  • Select "Crypto' App Opportunity" for the Subject Line and state in the message box that you're interested in the entrepreneur opportunity.
  • Click Here to learn more!!!
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