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A Business Opportunity
How you to can add a residual income stream to your business

Solving Age-Old Business Problems:

There are three major issues that business owners face today:
1) Cash Flow,
2) Affordable Marketing and
3) Customer Retention.

We are using LIFE's Leadership's Super App as a cost effective solution to address all three issues and we would like to share what we have found with you since doing so can benefit both of us. In order to understand what this opportunity offers you as a business owner you must first understand how the App works. Click Here to learn about LIFE Leadership's App.

Use the App to immediately start building an Additional Income Stream:
To start with, you can earn 10 Trip Credits every time you share the App. These credits will spend like $10 and you do not have to join LIFE Leadership in order to earn them.

You can get the App with a 30 day money-back guarantee through the following link:
Click Here to sign-up for the App.

However, as you saw in the App video, you can earn a commission on everything that your customers buy through the App. How about everything that those friends that they shared the App with buy? What about the people that the friends shared the App with, and so on and so on?

Rob Robson, a self-made millionaire through LIFE Leadership and now one of the owners, recorded a detailed message about this business opportunity back in March of 2020. It's 35 minutes long because of all the App information it contains, but you can skip ahead to "28:52" to get to the business specific part:

Click Here to see this very informative video.

From our perspective, you're worth more to us as an App customer than as a business partner, but it wouldn't be fair to deny you the same opportunity that we're taking advantage of.
Click here to learn how to build an additional revenue stream through the App.

Getting Customers, Affordably:
We feel your pain, because we, too, have spent lots of money for few, if any customers.

This all changed with the launch of LIFE Leadership's ground-breaking App on Jan 18, 2019 because this App gives you, a way to pay for your advertising only when it brings you a paying customer.
Click Here to learn about how to get virtually FREE Advertising.

Essentially, the customer pays for all of your advertising.

Making your customers "Sticky"

Not only will you now have a predictable ROI and the customer paying for the ad, but you can also leverage this App to encourage greater loyalty because App-wielding customers are going to shop stores where they can use this App for discounts.

So if you're already competitive, you'll easily beat out your non-App competitors.

If you didn't catch this video above, Rob Robson, a self-made millionaire through LIFE Leadership recorded a detailed 35 minute message about this business opportunity back with some great examples of how business are leveraging the app for better customer loyalty.

Skip to "28:52" to get to the business specific part:
Click Here to see this very informative video.

Join LIFE Leadership's compensated community

By now you are probably ready to sign up to increase your cashflow, get no-risk advertising, and better customer loyalty, even though you can do the last two as my App customer*. Fortunately, I've got 3 more days for you to decide against getting into the business since LIFE Leadership insists that you have a 3 day cooling of period before you take the final step.

This period starts when you subscribe to the App.

You can get the App with a 30 day money-back guarantee through the following link:
Click Here to sign-up for the App.

Contact Us to learn more about all our products and services!!!

* You might wonder why I make more if you're my App customer as opposed to being in the business. It all has to do with LIFE Leadership having multiple bonuses and commissions. Click on the following link to open LIFE's Income Disclosure Statement and go to page 4. Under "Retail Sales Commissions" you will see that they pay an extra 25% on sales to customers. This means that when you move from customer to business owner I lose that override (and only the 25% override) on all of your purchases and the purchases of all the Apps connected to you. However, it means that you start getting paid that 25% on your customers. So while LIFE wants people to join up, they give us an incentive to not try to talk people into the business.
- Click here to see the income disclosure statement.

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