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LIFE Leadership's Super App
You can become the early adopter of a new App that can help you in many ways.

THE APP - Explained in 5 Minutes
Click on the link below to learn the key points about the App through a short video.
Click Here for the newest services, products, and App informaton in just 5 minutes:

Take away points from the video:
30 Day - Money back Guarantee!!!
All of LIFE Leaderships products and services come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Try the App for a month, two months, or even six months knowing that if you ever want to quit, you can get the last month's subscription fee back, No Questions Asked

The second most important feature of this App is that all of LIFE Leadership's Educational content is accessible through it, much of it at no additional cost
LIFE Leadership is an educational company that has sold over half a billion dollars of financial and personal development programs. The best of these programs are available to you as part of the App Subscription.

One such is their proven Debt Elimination program that will get you out of debt if you work it as designed. It normally costs $140 to buy outright, but is free inside of the subscription.

Compare this to other well known debt elimination programs that can cost in the thousands to enroll in, especially since we'll include our Financial Literacy Coaching in the subscription price, as well. Which one do you think the "debt experts" would tell you to get?

1. Utilizes two well established coupon programs, Groupon and My Deals
2. Get money-saving deals in an Amazon like Market Place
3. Get cashback at over 270 nationally known merchants

This App enables you to buy what you were already going to buy for less than you were already going to spend.

Some of our merchants

- Click here to see a recent list of merchants

Cash-Back discounts "stack" on all sales and promotions, while paying you back on your:
1) purchase, 2) taxes, 3) tips, plus it can also be used with a cash-back credit card.

Using the App is nearly as simple as using a credit or debit card.
Click Here for a short fun video showing the ease of getting cash-back

All of your financial information is encrypted - Merchants and thieves cannot use the App to get to credit card or bank information
No more stolen credit or debit card information. Your card information is not stored in the App on your phone or on the internet, but at a secure off-site location. The only information that anyone can see via the App is the E-GiftCard information created at the time of purchase.

Using the App to save money automatically earns you additional non-expiring "Trip Credits", which can be used towards hotel rooms, resorts, and even a FREE Cruise

You are also immediately credited an amount of Trip Credits equal to the monthly App premium, essentially paying you back for the App

If you use the App the way it is designed, you will get financial coaching, the app will more than pay for itself, you will save money, and you may even get to go on a FREE cruise


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