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Project C4 - One Solution to the Spending Problem

8 reason to get the new Free Discount Shopping App

THIS IS NOT a solicitation for an investment!!!

The following discussion is based on the 1 May 2019 version of the LIFE Leadership App (Phase 2). This version has several upgrades to the App as well as introducing Crypto Currency functionality. Phase 3 is expected around the end of July and Phase 4 about 3 months later. One of these phases should include Business On-boarding. Nothing stated here can or should be construed as anything more than our personal understanding of the LIFE Leadership App on 1 May 2019.

You have the chance to become an early adopter of a free new App that will save you money every time you shop at well known stores and eateries.

A Free shopping App that gets you a discount on hundreds of national brands online and at thousands of locations:
  4. FREE Bitcoin (optional)

Save Yourself some Time: We have gone to a lot of effort to create this wonderful webpage with a ton of information on it, but if you're not into reading you can watch these two videos to learn most of what is below.

Click Here to watch a a very short, but cute video about the App in general

Click Here to watch a 2 minute video providing a general overview of the App:

You can get the App by going to on your smart phone. Watch the short video and if you're interested - download and activate the FREE App.

IMMEDIATE SAVINGS This App enables you to buy what you were already going to buy at a discount that can be stacked with any coupons and sales being offered at that location.

App Feature 1: You always get the advertised discount!!!

The App is currently redeemable at over 250 hundred merchants at over 70,000 locations nationwide as well as online with more being added weekly.

App Feature 2: Buy from over 70,000 locations at a guaranteed discount

Some of our merchants

App Feature 3: The App works at many places that you're already going to.

App Feature 4: Local stores will soon be able to also get listed on the App.

USABLE: Using the App is as simple as using a credit or debit card.
  1. Search for and select your merchant
  2. Type in the amount of the purchase to be made *
  3. Tap on the Buy button
  4. You will see an E-Gift card with a Bar Code and/or a number
  5. Provide that to the merchant and they will complete the transaction without ever seeing your debit or credit card
App Feature 5: It's as easy to use as a credit or debit card, only safer

* You can put in more than the actual purchase amount and use the extra for later or as a tip.

SECURE MOBILE PAYMENTS: No more stolen credit or debit card information. Your card information is kept in the safest of locations rather than in stores across the country and the internet. The only information publically available is the E-GiftCard information.

App Feature 6: Your card information is securely held at one location - not in stores.

STACKABLE WITH OTHER COUPONS & PROGRAMS: Because the App savings is applied after the purchase total has been calculated it is independent of all other deals and savings.

App Feature 7: Works with all other store discounts, sales, etc.

GROUPON: The App also works with Groupon, which already provides significant savings. You can get the great savings that Groupon is known for plus our additional discount.

App Feature 8: Get additional savings at Groupon.


You've probably heard about Crypto, but never planned to invest in it. Thanks to this App you can own Crypto in the form of Bitcoins at no cost to you. Here's how that works:

Click Here to watch a 4:15 minute video to see how you can get free Bitcoins, - screen shots from the video follow below

You spend cash and dibs at our qualifying merchants.

You earn cash and dibs back to your e-wallet

You'll also have the option to buy Bitcoins through "coinbase"

You can spend Bitcoin on LIFE Leadership products or services

You can spend Bitcoin at our merchants at some future time

App Feature 9: You can get the App by going to


For the Entrepreneur

Click here to learn how you can get paid for sharing the App with people who use it to shop with.


For the Business Owner

Click here to learn how the Business Owner can leverage this App to create a new revenue stream and greater customer loyalty.


Contact Us to learn more about all our products and services!!!

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