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Two true stories of how the programs have defeated Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement:

Kevin - the bottle rocket who owed millions...

Kevin is what we call a “Bottle Rocket,” which means that even though he was a true entrepreneur, he didn't have Financial Literacy. So, as a financial bottle rocket, he shot high into the sky, only to plummet to earth broke and in debt. He didn't understand that financial literacy isn't about what you make, but what you keep.

Kevin had acquired a number of used car dealerships while still in his twenties. He and his new wife were living well in a really nice home, driving nice cars, and spending what he made. His strategy was to build his business using the OPM system that he had learned from "financial gurus," which resulted in him amassing what these so called experts considered "good" debt.

The concept of the OPM system is to use (i.e., borrow) "Other People’s Money" for capital. So while Kevin was making a lot of money, he was also accruing a lot of debt. On paper, he was a millionaire, but owed millions.

Like so many others, he spent instead of saved because he believed that he would always be able to make more as needed. Then three things happened:
  1. The crash of 2008
  2. Dishonest Employees
  3. The Cash for Clunkers program
The crash of 2008 resulted in millions of people losing their homes, businesses, cars, and much of their retirements. This was also true for Kevin's business.

Adding injury to insult, this sudden financial struggle brought to light the fact that several of his employees were literally driving his cars down the street to sell at their own lot. The result of this theft was that Kevin no longer had the collateral for his loans.

And if things were not bad enough already, the Obama administration came out with the “Cash for Clunkers” program, which helped the new-car companies and banks at the expense of the used-car businesses. This program encouraged people to get government subsidized deals on new cars when they traded in their old cars. This took both Kevin’s potential clients and future inventory off of the market because the used car owners were taking their cars somewhere else for fantastic deals.

When the dust settled, Kevin and his wife had lost everything and they still owed $2.9 Million to family and friends who had invested with them. They had put nothing into reserves because they had no Financial Literacy and hadn't known any better.

So, fast forward a few months and we find Kevin working multiple jobs to keep from having to live with Mom and Dad. He was gone 18 hours a day and was missing his little girl as she was growing up and he wasn't earning all that much. In his own words, “he was broke and broken”.

It was at this time that he was introduced to the Financial Literacy and Person Development products discussed above and he began to both believe in himself again and to learn and apply the rules of Financial Literacy. So, little by little he began moving towards Financial Security and normally he would have been happy with his progress for two things:
  1. he still owed millions of dollars to people that had trusted him and
  2. his wife was pregnant with their second child and he didn’t want to miss her childhood, too.

Kevin realized that he needed to significantly increase his cash-flow and got serious about looking for a business opportunity because he understood that he was never going to solve these problems as a W-2 employee. Because he had been been badly burned as a business owner before, he was looking for something with less risk. He found it in the entrepreneurial part of LIFE Leadership, which has a total risk factor of as little as $150.

By combining his new found Financial Literacy with the LIFE Leadership business opportunity, Kevin became "job optional" in just 10 months and has paid off nearly 90% of the $2.9 million that he owed in the 5 year time-frame since 2013. Job optional means that he has the the choice of if he works for someone else, or not.

Today he has a good home, decent cars, money in the back, and $2.6 million less in debt. He has had to work very hard to achieve this status, but he has proven what this company can do for someone willing to work the system.

If this story resonates with you or you have questions, we can arrange a private phone call or meeting with Kevin. He loves to tell his story. If you want more, then we can also connect you with Rob and Jeremy whose stories are just as incredible, and real, as his.

...and then there's George!

Story 2 – George

George’s story is different from Kevin’s because he and his wife started out by following the familiar formula of getting an education. After completing their college degrees in Chicago, they moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Over the next twenty years George worked in a private Physical Therapy practice where he pioneered a state of the art industrial wellness program for the mining and forest industry. In addition, George was active in sports medicine and stress management.

Jill built a home health agency that expanded into four counties. She helped develop a computerized home health assessment record system that was eventually marketed nationally.

Between the two of them, they were making a lot of money, but because they didn’t have Financial Literacy they constantly had too much month at the end of their money, so they acquired debt. Acording to George, they were also very much into "status" and as he likes to say, “They knew it all, showed it all, and owed it all”. They epitomized being house and car poor, which is a common problem with people making a good salary.

So many of them just have to own as big a house and car as they can get a loan for. Eventually, it's all they can do to make their house, car and whatever else payments because they didn't have Financial Literacy.

We were fascinated to learn that the three things are common among all billionaires is:
  1. They have long term goals
  2. They are capable of short term denial
  3. They have a duplicatable system of income meaning they can teach others how to make money for them (think Ronald McDonald)

Back to our story - So here was this couple that had everything, but time. He was working 6 days a week in order to pay all of his payments even though together they were undoubtedly making a multiple six-figure salary. He was trading all of his time for money in order the rent on all of the money he borrowed to buy things that they didn't really need and it was taking a toll on their marriage.

According to her, she already had the divorce papers filled out when they were introduced to the Financial Literacy program. In her own words, she didn’t care much about what was being told to her until she was told that she could get her time back. That's all she needed so she and George started learning Financial Literacy and because they were already making a good salary they quickly moved from broke to Financially Secure.

But like Kevin, that wasn’t good enough for them, they wanted to get all of their time back, to become job optional so they also chose to look into LIFE Leadership's business opportunity. Today, they are not only out of debt, but are millionaires who able to invest in a number of charities of their choosing. They live off of a residual income which provides them the total freedom to come and go as they want.

You can meet George at the Tucson LIFE Leadership "Open Meetings", the first Tuesday night of the month at 8PM. However, because he is such a popular speaker, we can't guarantee which Tuesday night he'll be in Tucson so please contact us to find the right night to come.

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