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Science of Success Schools

Mission Statement

The mission of the Science of Success Schools is to teach True Success

However, we don’t define Success the same way most people do.

We believe that success is more than making a lot of money or being really good at one or two things, but that it is to be free of those self-Inflicted stresses caused by Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement, knowing how to “Act” rather than being acted on so that one can LIVE intentionally, having and pursuing one’s dreams.

We EMPOWER the individual to eliminate self-inflicted stress by showing the individual how to:
  • Think like a winner (Personal and Professional Development)
  • Be more employable (Leadership Development)
  • Understand the concepts of Financial Literacy:
    • know how Money Works
    • live within their means
    • pay down their Credit Cards faster without paying more
    • build an Emergency Fund
    • build a Retirement
    • do Estate Planning
  • Increase their cash flow (Financial Literacy)
  • Protect themselves financially (Financial Literacy)
We also EMPOWER the Business Owner by:
  • helping their leadership to be more effective
  • helping them to attract and retain good employees
  • helping their employees to be more dependable
  • helping them to stay in business long enough to figure out how to succeed!!!
Our business is not about selling books and DVD's, but about selling habits that change lives and save marriages. Our Mission is to defeat Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement

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Your Assurance Team/Science of Success: Where real Success is the only measure of Success!
Better Information -> Better Thinking -> Better Results!!!
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