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Helping Businesses

We EMPOWER Businesses to Succeed by helping them to not Fail by:
  • helping the leadership of the company to be more effective
  • helping their business to attract and retain good employees
  • helping the employees to be more dependable
  • helping the business to hang on long enough to figure out how to succeed!!!
It is a well known fact that most businesses fail withing the first 5 years. We have a workshop that when coupled with our proven leadership product can keep businesses from failing long enough for the owners to figure out how to make it succeed.

The workshop teaches the owners and management the key ingredient for staying in business when other businesses would be failing while the "Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR)" product will improve both employees and management. This product has been so successful that businesses demanded that we provide two sequels to it.

The following true accounts show how effective our program can be.

Employee Improvement Story 1: The first step of Success is having a worthwhile dream.

This is the story of an average individual. He worked for Frito Lays in Canada and every year he ranked somewhere in the middle of the 2700 Canadian employees. That is, until he invested in himself by working the "Launching a Leadership Revolution" personal/professional self-improvement course.

Through this course, he learned how to dream again and improved his attitude and self-esteem. In just a few months, he moved from the middle of the pack to number "16" in the company. This was not a trick, but rather the magic of him discovering who he really was, finding his dream, and unleashing the greatness that was already in him.

Employee Improvement Story 2: The second step of Success is to invest in yourself.

The Launching a Leadership Revolution also helped a young Arizona woman who had a "normal" job making about thirty thousand a year. Because of working the program she gained enough self-esteem to apply for a position within her company that she previously wouldn't have believed she was qualified for.

Unfortunately, her coworkers were not supportive and tried to convince her that she was wasting her time. She eventually succumbed to their "negativity" and went to retrieve her application - only to be told that they wanted to interview her. She was hired for the position, which paid $189,000 per year!!! Being in a good program helped her to develop a dream, a feeling of self-worth, and to think like a winner.

We will show you how to hope and dream again!!!
Make happiness your new normal.

Click Here, for more information about the "Launching a Leadership Revolution" product, which is being used for the Continuing Professional Education of CPA's.

Better Information -> Better Thinking -> Better Results.

Your Assurance Team/Science of Success: Where real Success is the only measure of Success!
Better Information -> Better Thinking -> Better Results!!!
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