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Defining the 3-D's

Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement

The 3-Ds (Debt, Doubt, and Discouragement) are three Self-Inflicted Stresses that plague the lives of most people. One can’t totally divest his or her life of stress because there are so many that are beyond the control of the individual like illness and accidents, but one does not have to live a life with Doubt and Debt unless one wants to.

We guarantee that we can help those with debt to get out of debt if they will honestly work the program. It’s like getting healthy, one has to take the book off of the shelf, eat right, and do the exercises in order to gain the benefits. This system cannot fail if worked correctly and in many cases the money is already in the budget so there isn’t even a need to go get an extra job.

The Doubt element is as big an issue as is Debt and in order for the Debt Resolution program to work it is critical that the individual believe in him or herself. Otherwise, there will be a short burst of activity followed by yet another failure. One has to believe that it can be done and that he or she can do it in order for these programs to succeed.

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