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The Problem???

    78% of American Households are living paycheck to paycheck
    • Only about half of them have at least $500 in savings
    • Most households are one paycheck away from disaster
    • Bad government policies and greedy institutions are compounding the problem - Just like in 2008
      • The average household now pays more in taxes than for food and clothing combined
      • Total taxes have increased 41% since 2013

    People spend more time planning vacations than their Financial Future
    • Only 4% of the population is expected to retire independent of government programs
    • Over 20% of upcoming retirees will have nothing saved up
    • Social Security payments will drop 21% or more within 13 years

    Most people are financially illiterate
    • Adam Lashinsky, the CEO of Charles Schwab with $3.2 Trillion under management, stated in the 2017 December issue of Fortune Magazine that if he has a regret, it’s that “American savers still lack the necessary financial literacy to secure their futures.”

    Arguments about money are a leading cause of divorce

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