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The Definition of Real Happiness

Aristotle, one of the greatest intellectual minds that the Western world has ever known, once said that happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

Self Inflicted Stress, the killer of happiness

As the saying goes, "Life Happens!!!", but we believe that most people are naturally happy and typically rebound from those unexpected and sometimes traumatic "Life" experiences.* However, there are those who seem to be be unhappy most of the time, which we believe is due to choices that they have made resulting in "self-inflicted" stress and discomfort.

Our experience says that the three most common sources of Self-Inflicted Stresses are the 3-D's - Debt, Doubt, and the resulting Discouragement (see links on the left). We call them Self-Inflicted because they only exist in one's life if they are allowed to be there.

* We understand that there are people that don't fit this description to due to circumstances out of their control. These observations do not apply to them

Pleasure Seeking vs Happiness

We also believe that one doesn't really “find” happiness because happiness is not something that is hiding from us. Rather, we believe that happiness is a natural state that happens when we remove Self-Inflicted stresses from our lives and pursue worthwhile activities.

It is important to understand that there is a "fake happiness" derived from the "rush" that pleasure gives us. This fake happiness is like a drug and requires more and more of the rush in order to maintain that feeling of pseudo-happiness. In fact, pursuing pleasure has literally led to addictions.

Please don’t misunderstand us, there is nothing wrong with the pleasures that accompany good things like a family meal, a movie with a loved one, or being intimate with one’s spouse. Pleasures enjoyed as the "side-affects" of moral, ethical, and loving situations are “frosting on the cake”, but should never be the main course.

What we are saying is that seeking pleasure, for pleasure's sake, will never bring happiness and typically results in Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement. The good news is that we have proven programs and tools to help you to take control of the 3-D's and find "Real" happiness!!!

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