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Some thoughts about Doubt

Do you know someone that doubts himself or herself? We believe that all too often these doubts are instilled into us by well meaning people during our youth and the stresses of life serve to reinforce these feelings. In truth, Doubt is a big obstacle to true success and often leads to discouragement.

Doubt comes from poor self-esteem and manifests itself in an expectation of failure rather than hope.

Our mission at the Science of Success Schools is to defeat the 3-D's of Doubt, Debt, and Discouragement. We attack Doubt through a program designed to help you believe in yourself. We teach you how to think like a winner because winners find solutions.

It is critical to understand that Success and Failure are not caused by what you do or do not do, but by how you think. If you believe you’re going to succeed and then take action, it will happen!   As one philosopher stated, "If you believe you can or believe that you can't, You're Right!"

Shortly after Pres. Kennedy announced that the U.S. was going to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, he asked Warner Von Braun what he needed to accomplish that. We suspect that Kennedy expected Von Braun to ask for money, engineers, and resources, but to his surprise, the answer was simply, "The will to get there!"

Von Braun understood the value of thinking like a winner.

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