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Taking Control

Act Instead of Being Acted Upon - Achieve!!!

It is said that there are three kinds of people:
  • those who are clueless about what is happening around them
  • those who sit and watch what is happening around them
  • those who make things happen around them!

Those Who Watch and Wonder What's Happening

Many people today feel like they are no longer in control of their world, but are subject to outside forces that they don't understand or control. They may be surprised to learn that they are correct in their assessment that they are being manipulated, but wrong about how much control they have.

A common example of this is how people are manipulated into going into debt. This is done by making them believe they deserve a "lifestyle" that costs more than they can really afford. What they don't understand is they will be paying about a third of their paycheck to service that debt, which when coupled with what they are paying in taxes, leaves little to live on.

They have been fooled by these master manipulators to believe that if they can afford the payments, then they can afford the big home, fancy car, big-screen TV, fantastic vacations, latest electronics, and a whole lot more. They are now clueless as to the fact that they have given control of their finances over to these Master Manipulators.

Those Who Make Things Happen

In order to be the one "Acting" instead of the one being "acted on" you must take control of your life. You must eliminate the control that the master manipulators have over you by learning how to believe in yourself, how to dream and hope again, and by becoming Financially Secure.

We are ready and able to help you take back control of your life instead of letting Debt, Doubt, and Discouragement dictate the terms of your life.

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